3 Fun Kid Crafts Ideas Anyone Can Do

There are a multitude of benefits to doing arts and crafts with your children. Doing arts and crafts regularly can help them to begin extending their thinking beyond 5583536_lwhat they see in front of them, develop higher thinking skills, enhance their understanding of other cultures, build their self-esteem, gain a positive view of learning, and engage in a variety of different learning styles. If you are ready to make art and craft time a normal part of your child’s schedule, here are some easy, kid-friendly projects to get you started.

Tin Can Windchimes

What you need:

2 or more recycled tin cans (canned vegetable cans work great!)

Paint (as many colors as you want)


Assorted colored ribbons


How to make it:DIY Craft: Tin-Can Wind Chime

To be safe, cover the open rim of the cans with masking tape to make sure no one gets hurt on the sharp edges. Paint the cans however you like, glue an assortment of colorful ribbons to hang from the closed end, and glue two ribbons to the open end. Use the two ribbons on top to hang the cans close together on your deck, patio, or porch and when the wind blows listen to them chime as the pretty ribbons flutter in the wind!

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Toilet Rolls Marble Run

What you need:

10 or more empty toilet rolls (start saving them in advance!)

A piece of cardboard to be used as a base3207760_l





How to make it:

Tape the toilet rolls together to make three towers of different sizes (a tower three rolls high, a tower two rolls high, and a tower made of just one roll), encourage your child to paint and decorate the towers however they like, then place them a toilet roll width apart from each other on the cardboard base and glue them in place. Cut a hole into each tower on the same side as a facing tower and cut a toilet roll lengthwise and use it to connect the two towers by taping it into the openings. Allow the glue to fully dry, and then drop a marble into the tallest tower and watch it make its way from one tower to another!With simple, household supplies like paper rolls and tape, I'll show you how to make a marble run with kids as we think like engineers.

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Painted Garden Flowers

What you need:

Wooden garden stakes

Clear plastic plates

Outdoor acrylic paint and brushes

Small screws




How to make it:

Let the kids decorate the plastic plates however, they like with the paint. Let the paint dry completely and then drill a small hole a centimeter from the inner rim of the plate. Use a screwdriver to attach the plate to the stake by drilling a screw through the hole on the plate and into the stake. Use twine or ribbon to tie a pretty bow around the stake. Tap the stakes into the ground and enjoy your new garden

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