3 Craft Ideas For Moms

Arts and crafts don’t have to be reserved for the kids, there are plenty of fun projects moms can do, too. From home décor to party hosting, there are plenty of fun grown-up arts and crafts projects to be tackled. Here are a few to get you started:

Quote Pillow

What you need:

Pillowcase & pillow

Letter stencils





Your favorite quote

How to make it:

Measure where you want the words to go on the pillow case and use the pencil to mark out where they will be. Lay the stencils out according to your markings and fill them in with the sharpie. Erase any pencil marks that may be visible. Place the pillow into the pillow case and display your new quote pillow proudly!

Get more ideas at Brit + Co:  http://www.brit.co/20-pillows/

Image of Quote Pillow © Brit + Co


DIY Bath Salts


What you need:

1 cup Epsom salt

Food coloring

Plastic sandwich bags

Glass jars

Mixing bowl


Tablespoon of baking soda

1 ½ cups sea salt

Essential oils of your choosing

How to make it:

Mix the Epsom salt, sea salt, and baking soda in the mixing bowl. Add the essential oils a few drops at a time until you get the fragrance you desire (usually around 8 drops should do it). Pour the mixture into the plastic bag and add the food coloring, shaking the mixture inside the bag until the mixture is fully colored. Pour the mixture into a jar and enjoy during your next bath!

Disco Ball Planter

What you need:

8 inch disco ball


Plant in 4 inch container

Plastic bumpers (used to protect insides of kitchen cabinets)

How to make it:

Remove the plastic mirrors from the top of the ball in a big enough area to fit your plant. Use the knife to cut the top off the ball and a hole into the ball deep enough to fit your plant. Place three plastic bumpers in a triangle shape on the bottom of the ball so that it will sit upright on a table. Place your plant inside the ball and viola! You now have a great conversation piece!

See more ideas at  http://www.abubblylife.com/

Image of disco ball ©  A Bubbly Life


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