Three Tips for Over-50s to Safely Keep Fit

aged 50It seems that 2015 is the year of the fitness New Year’s resolution. From park-hosted boot camp classes to CrossFit for kids, everyone is hitting the gym harder than ever before. With diabetes and heart disease afflicting the Asian community due to a combination of genetics and diet, fitness could not be more pertinent to the over-50 set. There is no better time than during the day when your (grown) children are at school or work to take advantage of your alone time to tone up and feel better about your health.

There are three basic elements you can add to your routine. They may seem small at first, but the long-term impact they will have on your overall health will spell a lengthier, healthier life.

Add a Daily Walk to your Routine

Walking is a great exercise that is not only do-able in any environment or weather condition, but it’s also functional when running errands or socialising. However, picking the pace up to raise your heart rate is immensely beneficial to your long-term regimen. When combined with lifting light-weights, your body’s fat-burning properties will kick in, making it the ideal way to stay fit post-50.

Lift Light-Weights

 As mentioned, by lifting weights no more than two to three times a week, you can build strength and drop fat. When done consistently, the weights lifted can be gradually increased over time building overall muscle. With your new-found muscle store, you will find your energy level at an all time high. Now you will find you have the energy for more important things in life like playing with your grandchildren for longer intervals.

Add Protein to your Diet

The Asian diet—specifically the vegetarian variety—does not revolve around protein. In order to maintain your newly forming muscle, consuming a protein-rich diet is crucial. Think of protein as food for your muscles; if it’s not consumed, all your hard work will go to waste. Protein is found in all meats, eggs and fish. Diary also contains protein but being high in fat, is not your recommended go-to source. For vegetarians, turning to lentils, beans, chickpeas and substituting your paneer with tofu, will do wonders for your well-being.


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