Is the UK legal system failing victims of domestic violence, abuse and harassment?

Date: 19th April 2017 Location: House of Commons, St Margarets Street, London, SW1A 0AA Time: 6pm On 7th April, following a huge public outcry, cricketer Mustafa Bashir was finally sent to prison to serve his 18 month sentence. This sentence was originally suspended because the judge wrongly believed that Bashir was given a contract with Leicestershire… Read More

Top Countries to Live in Europe

Apart from the affordable cost of living, Europe is also a place for impressive architectural structure, diverse culture, spectacular public transport system and an active economy. In case you are recently contemplating about relocating to Europe, here are some of the recommendations of the experts. Best Place to Live in Europe Belgium Brussels, Belgium is… Read More

An Interview with Noreen Khan founder of NESSIE by Aisha Ali-Khan

What is Neesie and why did you set it up? NEESIE is a grassroots organisation providing a platform for Single Mothers and their children to grow independently and better their lives.  We facilitate prosperity through our dedicated support mechanisms and extensive partnership working with local communities, school, and public and private sector organisations. NEESIE connects… Read More